Immersion in Nassim el Raqs

With Jean Antoine Bigot, Shahd el Khattabi, and the dancers participating in the SHAPERS workshop and audition.

Nassim El Raqs #6 Teaser : Sarah Limorté, mediator of Momkin – espaces de possibles and coordinator of the training program for volunteers of the Nassim el-Raqs festival.

Images: Nassim el-raqs festival volunteers team.

Following this workshop, two Egyptian dancers were selected for the creation of the choreographic piece, SHAPERS.

Shady Abdelahrman, Egypt
Ahmed Shamel, Egypt






Nassim el Raqs is a festival in Alexandria, Egypt, in which artists are invited to take over a location in Alexandria and to develop a piece of work from the meeting between their art and the city. Although mainly based in contemporary dance, Nassim el Raqs also involves artists from different disciplines such as visual arts, sound composition, and theater.


The square of the 7 street lamp posts or Garage Mashy

Images: volunteers from Nassim el-raqs

Concept design / filming protocole: Nicolas Bôle, Djela Samba.

Post production: Nicolas Bôle

Filming the environment, looking at the city we are in

The ‘square of the 7 lamp posts’ is a key place in the history of the festival Nassim el Raqs.  The company Ex Nihilo created the performance Mashy in 2013, and since, we call the garage and its surrounding area “Garage Mashy”.

Its inhabitants and workers have become friends and accomplices since that moment. Washing the tires to prepare them for our work, giving advice on the choreography, setting up the space to make the work easier, the Garage Mashy has become one of the most enjoyable places for creation or for rehearsals for Nassim el raqs and Ex Nihilo.