Workshop and audition in Alexandria

A workshop and audition took place from April 16th to 20th and 22nd to 26th in Alexandria (Egypt), within the Nassim el Raqs laboratory for in situ creations. The workshop was led by Anne Le Batard, Jean-Antoine Bigot and Corinne Pontana from the Ex Nihilo dance company. Following the workshop, two Egyptian dancers were selected during an audition for the training program designed around the creation of the choreographic piece SHAPERS.

The two dancers selected for the project in Egypt:

Ahmed Shamel Azmy
Shady Abdelrahman







Momkin – espaces de possibles [Marseilles, France] aims at initiating and accompanying artistic and cultural projects within cities and territories across the Mediterranean region, by creating, producing, and performing artistic works, as well as through the development of cultural and intercultural projects, of training programmes and awareness building campaigns. Since 2011, Momkin has carried out the Nassim el Raqs festival, featuring artistic initiatives linked to the city of Alexandria.