Zvrk Festival

The association Zvrk and its international dance festival, with the same name, set up in Sarajevo in 2008, is a co-organizer and partner of the European project SHAPERS, which deals with the theme of contemporary choreographic art and the scene in the public space.

The project was initiated and results from the cooperation of cultural actors in the field of choreographic arts: Ex Nihilo Dance Company [Marseilles-France], Dance Center Rézodanse [Alexandria-Egypt], Artistic Organization Momkin-spaces of possible [Marseilles-France], the laboratory for in situ artistic creation Nassim el Raqs [Alexandria-Egypt], the International contemporary danse festival Mes de Danza [Seville-Spain], the dance center Espace Darja [Casablanca-Morocco], Zvrk [ Sarajevo-BiH] and the production house in’8 circle  [Marseilles-France].

Thanks to this international project, the festival Zvrk presented to the public of Mostar, Sarajevo and Banja Luka from September 19th to October 1st 2017 a full program of quality dance performances. During the festival’s marathon program, the public discovered 30 international and local artists who presented their works in different places in the public space of these cities.