Centre Rézodanse – Egypte is an independent cultural centre dedicated to the promotion and the development of dance in Alexandria. Founded in 2008 by Lucien Arino, it is registered in Egypt as a limited liability company, and is based in Alexandria, Egypt.

Rézodanse is unique in the way it combines in one location a space for training as well as a place where several artistic and cultural projects are developed and implemented. Through its activities, Rézodanse defends and promotes dance as a valuable and respectable art form deeply rooted in the Egyptian heritage.

We believe that dance has a role to play in education and that its development in Egypt contributes to the cultural diversity of the Egyptian society and to building our country’s lively and vibrant art scene.

Convinced of the role of dance in education, we believe that its development and enhancement in Egypt must contribute to the affirmation of the cultural diversity of Egyptian society and the emergence of an artistic scene of great vitality.