Workshop and audition in Casablanca

The first steps into the street

The very beginnings of the SHAPERS projet took place at Espace Darja, in Casablanca, with a dance workshop for a group of 15 dancers from September 26th to October 9th, 2016, followed by an audition in which two Moroccan dancers were selected for the creation of the choreographic piece, SHAPERS.

Let’s start to deal with the street… How does the body interact with public space and people in an urban environment?

“It’s been 10 days that I see the 12 dancers selected for the first workshop period of the project SHAPERS arriving every morning in Casablanca. 10 days that I watch them work and despite an unfortunately fluctuating energy for many, the desire to be part of this experience seems general…More than ever, we are convinced that such long-term projects are indispensable, especially in our countries where training is often lacking and where it is difficult to make these young dancers understand that dance and their choice to be a dancer require a total commitment (even more so during working hours). Because when the magic operates and we witness those moments of grace in the streets of Casablanca and we are all without exception driven by the energy that brings them together and the tension that drives them, we can only see the part of an artist that they carry within themselves, of which they may not really be aware but which once revealed, will never allow them to go back…”

-Meryem Jazouli, Director of l’Espace Darja


The two dancers selected for the project in Morocco :

Ayoub Kerkal
Mourad Kouala





Espace Darja [Casablanca, Morocco] founded by choreographer Meriem Jazouli, is a place for artistic residencies and cultural experimentation, locally known as a platform for dialogue, encounters, and performances. Its aim is to develop contemporary dance in Morocco.