Nassim el Raqs

Nassim el Raqs is an artistic project that takes place in Alexandria each year (April and May) since 2011. The project is designed and produced by Momkin – Espaces de possibles (Emilie Petit, Marseilles, France).

With a desire to impose experimentation, research and creation in a changing city and in a changing political context, Nassim el Raqs -a laboratory for in situ artistic creation- proposes to open new creative and production frameworks for artists in Alexandria, by inviting them to seize pieces of city to question their practices, their desires, their impulses, their gestures in unpredictable and innovative working contexts.

The project welcomes Egyptian and international artists each year to take over various symbolical locations throughout the city and transform them into unusual venues for performance. Although mainly based on contemporary dancers and choreographers, the project also involves multidisciplinary arts.

Since 2011, Nassim el Raqs hosted more than 20 original performances by artists from Egypt, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. The performances and activities were attended by more than 4,000 people.