Momkin-espaces de possibles

Created in 2012, the association Momkin – espaces de possibles aims to initiate and support atypical and innovative artistic and cultural projects in cooperation with Mediterranean cities and territories, by supporting the creation, production and dissemination of artistic works, the design of cultural and intercultural cooperation projects, as well as the development of training and awareness activities.

The in-situ creation laboratory, Nassim el Raqs, organized by Momkin, offers  artistic initiatives in interaction with the city of Alexandria every year since 2011.

Emilie Petit, founder of Momkin – espaces de possibles, is a visual artist living and working between Marseilles and Alexandria. Starting from a personal artistic practice based on the experience of geography, developed since 2001 after graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Emilie Petit has since developed experimental collaborative projects initiating creative processes in atypical and innovative territories and spaces.