Mes de Danza Festival

The SHAPERS project received its first creative residency, as part of edition # 23 of the Mes de Danza festival and presented a performance in the #24 edition.

The festival :

Since its creation in 1994, Mes de Danza, an international contemporary dance festival, of private initiative, contributed to the creation of a contemporary dance scene in Seville and Andalusia, where at that time it was a great unknown .

Deepening and exploring choreographic art in its most diverse tendencies and bringing them closer to the public has always been its driving force.

It was, in its beginnings, the only platform for the few Andalusian artists who expressed themselves in this language. Since then, it has contributed to the emergence and visibility of a new generation of choreographers.

The creation of cycles such as “Microdanzas”, “Universidad y Danza”, “Danza en espacios singular” brought dance to other contexts and closer to new audiences.

Over the years, MES DE DANZA has expanded its reach throughout Andalusia, highlighting its expansion in Cádiz, where the festival “Cádiz en danza” has become an autonomous event under the tutelage of the city.

Throughout its long history, MES DE DANZA has been consolidated as the autumn dance meeting in Seville, as the main forum for the development of contemporary dance in Andalusia, and as a reference festival in Spain and on the international circuit.

In recognition of its cultural work, MES DE DANZA received the First Audience Award from Canal Sur Radio in 2006, and ‘el Premio MAX de LAS ARTES ESCÉNICAS’, awarded by the critics, from ‘Television Andaluzas a la Entidad Cultural’ in 2009.

Across the years, the objectives and priorities of MES DE DANZA have evolved according to the evolution of the social and cultural context and the needs of the sector. Today, the goals the festival continues to pursue revolve around spreading the language of contemporary dance and its diversity of languages, promoting and supporting creators and artists, fostering a regular contemporary dance program in scenic Andalusian spaces and the exchange and synergies between communities.

Since 2007, new lines of action have opened up thanks to the programming around themes. It is a step further in the knowledge and reflection on dance. The public has followed enthusiastically, a gesture that encourages us to continue working hard and continue to grow.

María González

Mes de Danza [Seville, Spain]. Since its first edition in 1994, the main objective of Mes de Danza Festival is to explore dance in its widest and most varied approaches and trends and to link audiences -both familiar and unfamiliar with dance- to the performances. Beyond its role as a festival, Mes de Danza has contributed to shape and strengthen the local dance scene in Andalusia and Spain.