Performance in Newbury

Invited by the 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and Corn Exchange Newbury, SHAPERS was performed in the UK in Newbury, at the central market place on August 27th. 

101 Outdoor Arts creation space is a space dedicated to large-scale outdoor artistic projects, run by Corn Exchange Newbury in addition to their main theater and cinema.

A piece for public and singular spaces for 8 dancers, 45 minutes

Conception: Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot, with assistance from Rolando Rocha and Corinne Pontana, from the Ex Nihilo company

Dancers: Lucia Bocanegra, Mourad Koula, Natacha Kierbel, Shady Abdelahman, Elvira Balboa, Aurore Allo, Ahmed Shamel, and Emma Riba.

Music: Pascal Ferrari and Jean-Antoine Bigot