Performances in Sevilla

SHAPERS was presented as part of the 24th Edition of the MES DE DANZA Festival in Sevilla from October 28th – November 2nd, and in Cordoba on November 5th at:

– The Pavilion for the Future from the 1992 International Exhibition, designed by the architect Oriol Bohigas, in Sevilla, October 28th

– The Sevilla penitentiary, on November 2nd

– The C3A: Contemporary creation Center, in partnership with Casa Arabe, in Cordoba, November 5th

The choreographer and dancers adapted the piece to the location at the Pavilion for the Future during two days rehearsing on-site.

“The locations of each performance were radically different from each other, allowing the piece to explore different subjects and contours as well as to confront different audiences.

In Sevilla, the performance was at the former site of the 1992 Seville World Expo, an abandoned place that came alive through SHAPERS. The other performance in Sevilla, at the penitentiary center, encountered a particular audience.

The third location, in Cordoba, radically in contrast with the ’92 Expo site, was a recently inaugurated space, the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Creation. The choice of such divergent spaces highlighted the richness of this artistic project, offering the dancers challenges of different nature in each space.”

-Maria Gonzales, Artist director of the Mes de Danza festival

Mes de Danza [Seville, Spain]. Since its first edition in 1994, the main objective of Mes de Danza Festival is to explore dance in its widest and most varied approaches and trends and to link audiences -both familiar and unfamiliar with dance- to the performances. Beyond its role as a festival, Mes de Danza has contributed to shape and strengthen the local dance scene in Andalusia and Spain.