Espace Darja

A partner in the SHAPERS project, Espace Darja is an independent space founded by the choreographer Meryem Jazouli in 2011.

The foremost motivation of this project was to set up a unique space dedicated to dance that would progressively build up as a platform for choreographic experiments and research in Casablanca. Since its conception, Espace Darja has been multiplying collaborations and drawing from other artistic fields in order to become a breeding grounds for the emergence and effervescence of ideas, actions, and encounters.

This initiative goes beyond the activities of a choreographer to confront other art forms, views, and reflections.

Helped by other artists and collaborators from many artistic backgrounds, Meryem Jazouli opens a physical space in parallel to a space for reflection, where the regular activation of circulations between artists, thinkers or curious people can experiment differently the stakes of creative acts.

Images from the SHAPERS artistic residency at Espace Darja in 2017